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empowering the lives of youths & young adults

We are an independent, private and non-profit committed to empowering and improving the lives of young people around Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa

About Us

We are an Independent, private and non-profit committed to empowering and improving the lives of young people around Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

Our range of programs and initiatives are designed to awaken creativity and innovation in the minds of the youth, by reaching out to them, sourcing out and empowering scalable, viable and bankable innovations, from secondary school students, tertiary institution students as well as youths across the Nation in the hope and expectation that this will help reduce crime and unemployment while also preparing the youth towards Nation building.

Our annual Why I Am Alive Innovators Empowerment and Awards has been running for the past 5 years with indelible impact on hundreds of youths and partners in Nigeria.

The initiative through a combination of inspiring programs and media campaign, innovation and learning events as well as enterprise grants and scholarships opportunities is focused on connecting young Nigerians with successful local and global role-models who have demonstrated “big ideas, creative vision, entrepreneurship and homegrown, globally scalable problem-solving.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to create maximum change for the benefit of African youths and the overall society through:

  • Developing and/or implementing projects which lead toward the improvement of the education, public health, poverty eradication and social welfare;

  • Providing strategic input, analysis and advice to governments, business and/or intergovernmental organisations for the purposes of accelerating positive change amongst youths.

Our Values

Our organisational values are designed to help everyone who works with us to achieve our ambitious goals for African Youths.


We will be transparent, honest, fair and ethical in all of our actions, including making public our sources of funding and annual budget


We seek to work in collaboration, with open dialogue about institutional differences and achieving consensus whenever possible

Enterprising spirit

We are enterprising and engage in our work with a spirit that creates value and overcomes challenges


We strive to inspire all those around us through our vision, values, approaches, choices, practice, actions and advocacy.

our programs and activities

When a young person is socially and economically empowered they have the skills to determine their own future and can address the multitude of health, education, employment, and societal challenges that face them.

Our Annual Initiative: Innovators & Empowerment Awards

The Nigerian Story 3.0

Why I AM Alive Initiative was birthed with the intention to get successful Nigerians to share their success story (i.e Journey to success) in interesting and transformative ways.

The Why I Am Alive Initiative (WIAAI) Celebration NIGERIAN STORY 3.0, is targeted at engaging over 500,000 people in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. The project is designed to through a range of programs and initiatives focused on showcasing the successful local and global role-models to its target audience that largely includes young people btw the ages of 18 and 35 years who are in secondary schools, universities and young working professionals and entrepreneurs today.

It will culminate in our yearly conference called Innovators Conference and Awards themed: “Celebrating The Creative You”. This is an empowerment and networking event where young and upcoming Innovators meet existing and successful Innovators.

The conference will also feature discussions on success stories, best practices and key challenges that face Nigerian young innovators in the marketplace.

It is our belief that every individual has world changing potential, if opportuned to be in an enabling environment. Hence, we have chosen to discover and support such individuals making an effort to excel

Our Impact Areas

wiaai innovation awards


In Nigeria, “Youth unemployment” is one of the biggest economic problems. We work to Improve access to decent employment opportunities for youths through quality basic education, market relevant vocational skills training, and employability skills training.
wiaai innovation awards

Education and Learning

We work with both school-aged children from 6-18 years old, and youth between 15 and 24 years old to provide the opportunity to complete a full cycle of basic education through our scholarship awards. In addition, we also provide opportunities to young women and men for technical and vocational education and training, agricultural training, and tertiary educational opportunities.
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Social Welfare Support for Vulnerable women and children

Today, millions of Africa’s children are still denied the simple joys of childhood, love and protection. We firmly believe that no society can hope for sustainable development unless its children are assured of their survival, protection and participation in the development process. We provide social welfare support to educate, enable & empower the deprived and underprivileged sections of society, in order to ensure the basic rights of children.
wiaai innovation awards

Enterprise development and Empowerment

WIAAI promotes a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial attitudes among young people through a range of programs and initiatives through trainers, technical assistance providers, mentors, and coaches. We also facilitate capacity building for and networking between young entrepreneurs and successful mentors to improve support services, knowledge transfer, connectivity, policy, and culture within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.